Roadmap 2020
Active projects: platforms for physicians, for pharmacists and for medical students; Doctor Feed Applications (iOS and Android), Smartpharma, Medcampus, Doctorgram and Doctor's Helper.
Acceleration of the platform
January 2020
Doctor’s Helper App 2.0
February 2020
Entire site content in messenger
March 2020
Search in Publications and Attachments 2.0
April 2020
Notifications 2.0
May 2020
Advertising retargeting 2.0
May 2020
Doctor’s Feed App 2.0
June 2020
Advertising tools 2.0
July 2020
New attachment formats
August 2020
Cardiologist At Work (working title)
September 2020
Doctor’s Helper App 3.0
October 2020
Doctor At Work site: new interface
November 2020
Nurse At Work (working title)
December 2020
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