Brief rules
Attention! All personal data provided by a doctor is protected by the legislation of the Russian Federation.
It is permitted to
Use all services and sections of the site
Quote other Internet resources or other sources of information
Create copyrighted posts
Take part in competitions and surveys
It is forbidden to
Post publications and comments on non-medical topics (other than publications in groups)
Use the site as an advertising platform without approval from the site team
Violate the laws of the Russian Federation and universal standards of conduct in society
Offensive posts, comments and trolling are forbidden
Disrespectful, offensive, impolite statements against the team and the founders of the site are prohibited
It is forbidden to post links to third-party resources (including news) in the feed, use the groups instead
It is prohibited to post photos or scans containing personal data of patients: it is compulsory to cover patient's eyes and name on documents before posting
It is forbidden to draw excessive attention to the publication: write the title in CAPITAL LETTERS, add animated pictures, etc.
Discussing the accrual and withdrawal of bonuses and rating points in publications and comments, ask all related questions through the feedback form only
It is forbidden to post vacancies on the site. For collaboration, contact
Create only professional publications on your specialisation in the Doctor's Feed app that are useful to doctors of the site. Ask questions that focus on qualified answers from doctors in your specialisation. Do not repeat previously raised topics. The usefulness of the publication is determined, including but not limited to, by the availability of at least 5 comments and responses 2 hours after creation (excluding night time). If your publication does not meet these criteria, we recommend posting it in the appropriate groups.
Terms & conditions for posting publications in the Doctor's Feed app
Create professional publications useful to doctors at the site.

Such as:
Complete clinical cases with complete information and illustrative material,
Questions and clinical problems requiring qualified answers from doctors in your specialty,
Non-clinical medical topics related to working conditions, regulatory requirements and team relations,
Discussion of therapeuric drugs and treatment methods of various diseases.
Write concisely and with substance. Avoid greetings to colleagues and long entries.

Post medical news with links to other sources or without links in the appropriate group.
Terms & conditions for posting publications in groups
Post publications on any topics, including non-medical ones, if they do not breach the rules of the site and the laws of the Russian Federation.
Suggestions, complaints, questions to the site team
Questions, complaints and suggestions about the site can be posted in the "Questions to D Team" group.

Send questions of a personal matter, as well as your doubts about the qualifications of other users of the site through feedback section only.
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